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About – Aquaponics Shop


There are so many excellent resources and bits of equipment out there that you will need for running your own aquaponics project.

We are pleased to share our aquaponics web-shop with you –  built from our own experience of what works, and what we’ve needed since 2011 when our own aquaponics journey started with Bristol Fish Project and now with the wider British Aquaponics Community through BAQUA.

Rather than start our own shop afresh, we use this website to connect up relevant existing shops, including a lot of Amazon sellers – we curate the best collection of products, then when you buy through us; they do the packing and processing which frees us up to get on with running our respective projects! Clicking on our links to products helps us to earn money for our projects – we get on average 7% of the cost of the product – depending on what it is 🙂

Please let us know if there is anything we can change /  give us feedback on your experience – and let us know if there are any products you think we should be stocking in our shop! Also testimonials would be so helpful –

We would love to hear from you!



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