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TNC BactorrS13 – Beneficial Bacteria for Compost Tea, Hydroponics & Horticulture – Soil Microbes (300g) – Aquaponics Shop

TNC BactorrS13 – Beneficial Bacteria for Compost Tea, Hydroponics & Horticulture – Soil Microbes (300g)

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  • Biological plant stimulant
  • 100% Organic
  • Water dispersible for hydroponic systems and hand watering
  • Contains Nitrogen fixing & Phosphorous solubilising bacteria
  • Create a healthy microbe colony to crowd out pathogens
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TNC BactorrS13 is an Organic product containing friendly bacteria which are known to be beneficial to plants, helping to create a healthy and highly nutritional environment for plant roots.
TNC BactorrS13 contains nitrogen fixing bacteria (eg. B. polymyxa) that can take in atmospheric nitrogen and convert it to ammonia which is then plant available.
TNC BactorrS13 also contains phosphorous solubilising bacteria, important in organic growing if using Rock Phosphate or bone meal for example but also extremely helpful to unlock nutrients should insoluble Calcium Phosphate occur in a hydroponic setup for instance. Other bacteria will break down and degrade waste organic materials that accumulate over a growing season. This not only releases valuable nutrients back in to the food web but means these potential sources of food don’t get taken advantage of by undesirables within the substrate.
Each gram of TNC BactorrS13 contains 1.6 billion friendly bacteria working to help improve your crop – you really will be Teaming with microbes!
TNC BactorrS13 is also packed with other natural substances to help promote strong and healthy growth – Humate (Humic acid), as well as cytokins, auxins and giberelins along with amino acids and trace elements all derived from a natural marine algae (Ascophylum nodosum).

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