Nemaslug Slug Killer large pack 100sm

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  • Effective at temperatures above 5C/40F. Use outdoors from mid March onwards and underglass/polythene all year round.
  • This is a perishable product with an expiry date of 1- 2 weeks. - please order fresh when you need it.
  • Safe to you, your children, pets and wildlife including hedgehogs. Can be used on edible plants-pick and eat straight away.
  • Safe, effective control of all slugs-even the ones underground.
  • Active for at least 6 weeks. Easy to apply-use watering can or hose end feeder..
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We haven’t tried this out yet but unless the nematodes get into the fish think it might work? What do you think?
Control slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug® containing nematodes which are effective at controlling slugs. Slugs queue up to lunch on your bedding plants and munch their way through your vegetables before you do! To control slugs NATURALLY, simply water on Nemaslug® throughout the growing season between March / October Slugs come in all shapes, colours and sizes (including the small, black, sneaky ones which travel underground) but they all have several characteristics in common – They are covered in a watery mucus – which leaves a “slime trail” and they require water for reproduction. Slugs are able to breed throughout the year, laying huge numbers of eggs. Each cubic metre of soil contains on average up to 200 slugs able to breed all year round with each slug laying about 300 eggs. Control slugs naturally by applying Nemaslug® – the No.1 bird/wildlife friendly solution for slugs. Nemaslug® contains natural nematodes which are effective at controlling slugs (each application of Nemaslug® will control slugs for 6 weeks). Unlike Nemaslug®, many slug pellets do NOT work well during wet weather – exactly when you need protection against slugs. Nemaslug® will not harm wildlife and pets. Song birds (i.e. thrushes), hedgehogs, frogs, toads and some insects i.e. ground beetles love to feed on slugs and their eggs. These predators have a significant impact on the slug population, but many of the chemicals used in slug pellets can be toxic to these predators, so if you use them, you run the risk of harming them. There are also increasing concerns about the effects of these chemicals on pets. Nemaslug® contains millions of beneficial nematodes (Heterohabditis Megadis). They are invisible to the naked eye and come as a powder. Applied to the soil, they search out and invade the slugs. As the nematodes multiply inside the slug, it will stop feeding and will burrow underground to die.

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  • Published: April 21, 2017
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