Aphid Killer-aphidius colemani Large pack min 500 parasites

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  • Effective, natural and organic way of controlling greenfly in greenhouses and conservatories
  • Introduce as soon as you spot the first greenfly.
  • Simple and easy to use-just open the tube in the greenhouse and the aphidius will fly out to tackle the greenfly
  • They only control aphids and will not affect you, your children, pets or any other beneficial insects
  • Ideal for edible drops such as tomatoes and peppers as there are no chemicals used so fruit may be picked and eaten straight away
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Aphids are a major pest underglass – they are all similar in appearance although they vary greatly in colour. They are small with long spindly legs and antennae. During the summer they are wingless as they feed on the plant, but as the population increases winged forms appear which spread the infection. Aphids feed by sucking the sap from the plant, this stunts the growth and causes distortion of the growing point. The aphid absorbs large quantities of plant sap in order to obtain enough protein. This sap is excreted as honeydew which coats the lower leaves. Aphids also carry virus diseases which may do long term harm by reducing the plant vigor. Aphids are fast breeders – each female is capable of producing 6-8 live young daily over a 2/3 week period. Aphidius is supplied in small tubes, which are opened in the greenhouse / conservatory and the small Aphidius will fly out and search out the aphids. Once the Aphidius finds an aphid, it lays an egg in the aphid. As the egg hatches the resulting larvae feeds on the inside of the aphid destroying it. Following pupation, the adult leaves the dead aphid and will then search out its own aphids to infect. As the aphidius population increases the aphids will be controlled. As well as directly controlling the aphids, the activities of aphidius “upset” the aphid colonies and as a result they produce a warning pheromone which alerts the whole population, which try to escape. Many fall to the ground and die helping the parasite control aphid numbers Introduce Aphidius as soon as aphids are present and the average temperature is 10C/50F – Below 10C/50F, use SB Invigorator to hold the fort until temps. rise. If the infestation is very heavy then spray with SB Invigorator first to reduce numbers and then introduce Aphidius

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